You have an awesome product that benefits your customers.

But why is it so hard to get people’s attention and get them to take action? And why do your potential customers keep choosing other solutions (or taking no action at all) – when you know you are clearly much better for them?

You need more customers to build a great business and grow your positive impact on the world.

You need to find the right people, the right audience, and get them to find you, trust you, and convince them to try and buy your product.

As a small business resources are always very limited. You know it's crucial to optimize your marketing efforts to reap the maximum results in the shortest time.

Maybe you know where you need to go to, but just don't have the time or the expertise. 

Maybe you don't know what exactly would be the best action for your current situation.

Maybe your competitors are doing a better job growing faster.

Growing Businesses and Powerful Tech Need Smart Strategic Marketing

When you have a great product, you need great marketing to skyrocket your business and outperform competitors. To win big, every piece needs to fit perfectly.

You don't need a "social media strategy." (And there's no such thing, really. But let's not digress - you can ask me later.)

You don't need a "content marketing strategy."

What you need depends on where you are now and where you want (need) to go.

Let's set one thing straight right away. Marketing ≠ advertising. Please. Marketing really includes everything that goes into the business model canvas.

Strategic marketing starts at looking at what is the (true) problem you are solving, clarifying what your offering actually is, who are the people you are aiming to serve, and how you will get more of them to find out about you and eventually buy.

Most startups can't afford a high cost of new customer acquisition, so you need smart marketing to max your results on the investment. The good news is, it's possible to reach the right audience at the right time even with a small budget.

One way to keep the cost of acquisition lower is to implement a marketing-driven, highly automated, low-touch system to nudge your prospective customers towards the right things and actions.

However, the other side of the coin is: when you (re-)construct your sales process and marketing funnels in a way that leads to more revenue earlier, then you can actually afford to increase the cost per acquisition to get more customers faster.

I Help eCommerce Businesses to Do Marketing Smartly

I'm Miikka (me-ee-kah) and I love people who are "building" stuff and creating "art." And I mean that broadly - creating something new, improving people's lives and the world for the better.

Whatever form of "art" it may be, defined as a generous contribution. It can be a business, a movement, art, side project or simply being present every day to delight people's day and be at their service at a counter somewhere.

In my opinion, what really matters is people who care enough to put their best work into the world.

“Miikka is a top gun at what he does, is a dream to work with, and has one of the most powerful mixes of skills.”
— Jason L.

What I love to work on is helping startups and ecommerce businesses to grow their footprint and revenue by getting more customers and building deeper customer relationships using smart marketing automation.

Startups, software business, information marketing, Amazon and Shopify ecommerce

My background is a mighty mix of sales, marketing, technology and humanities such as philosophy, communications and aesthetics.

I've worked and done business with people from all around the world, established and grown strategic bluechip partnerships, architected and closed deals worth several hundreds of thousands of dollars, and built multiple online businesses from scratch.

Over the past six years, I've invested a five figure sum of my own money and thousands of hours in learning strategic and (ninja-)tactical digital marketing. Reading, listening, watching and implementing tons of advice from the best mentors in the world.

When we work together, you'll benefit from all that.

For my clients I'm digital marketing orchestrator and coach, email marketing master and virtual Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). My objective is to amplify your success and work with both your own and external teams to get stuff shipped. I can also implement what needs to get done as a consultant.

“Miikka’s strength is that he is very well rounded and he asks the difficult questions that most people do not ask.
I would have him be part of my team any day.”
— Greg M.

What I can help you with:

  • Lead generation and content marketing using highly targeted, high-conversion campaigns leveraging the best online channels to convert more of your target audience into visitors to your site and eventually into leads

  • Email Marketing Automation to convert more of your leads to sign up to free trials and as paying/repeat customers with automatic nurturing and trust building campaigns

  • Copywriting - long-form, short-form, website conversion, blog posts, email marketing

  • Crystallizing Messaging - I'm really good at finding the core essence and identifying key success elements to create an adapted message that speaks to and engages the target audience

  • Chief Marketing Officer - audit your business and marketing needs, create a strategic marketing plan for building industry thought leadership and press coverage, and mapping, designing and building your sales & marketing automation funnels


I genuinely want to help people to do better both in life and in business and I'm very selective with whom I work with. 

If you're still reading this, it's likely all the above strikes a chord and I'd want to help you

Hi Miikka, I’ve implemented most if not all of the changes that you recommended and we are seeing better engagement and sales!
— Jenni R.
People are actually replying to the emails you wrote for us! :)
— Anna L.
I activated the Amazon emails over the weekend and we have already seen a triple number of emails come through. People are really engaging, telling us about their experience. etc. We also started getting much more reviews on Amazon after using your emails. Thank you for this.
— Vili P.
“I have never worked with someone who actually took as much pride and ownership in a project as Miikka has and look forward to hiring him again. Can’t say enough good things.”
— Jason G.
“Wow! Very seldom do I work with someone who has the full package of skills - from strategy, to implementation, and even training the client. Miikka is great and I would highly recommend him to anyone!”
— Allan P.
“Miikka did an outstanding job!

I had very high expectations for Miikka’s work but the final results exceeded my expectations.

He went above and beyond to understand me, the product and our market. Before we had even signed off the project, I was already seeing financial results — generating revenue.

I cannot recommend Miikka highly enough!

I work with a number of contractors to meet the needs of my business but I had never experienced so much professionalism, dedication and commitment.

Thank you! I am looking forward to working together again.”
— Vili P.
Hi Miikka. Hope all is well. I have been seeing good results with Klaviyo and emails you setup. One of the biggest things is that my email shows “Veteran Owned Business” so lots of people respond to that and very happy that I am veteran owned. It has also kept me more in touch with customers questions.
— Angel M.
I originally approached Miikka because I needed help with Klaviyo. I had limited experience with it, and I had been looking for a Klaviyo specialist for not just the mechanics of our company emails, but also the verbiage. I saw Miikka’s testimonials on Upwork & his website and I felt that he was probably going to be out of our league for my budget-constrained start-up company at the time.

However, I decided to reach out and I’m so glad I did because Miikka had a website auditing option that suited my company budget perfectly.
After receiving the audit report, I set about making all the improvements that Miikka recommended. Before the audit, I think that Klaviyo was responsible for 3-5% of our company revenue. Now, it’s responsible for 21% of our revenue. And I know that is due to Miikka’s recommendations.

The best things I liked about the audit was that it was so detailed, and all-encompassing. Miikka had not just checked through klaviyo, but also Shopify, Yotpo and Google Analytics. I loved the open email access that I had with Miikka. It enabled me to work at my own pace to make the recommended improvements, yet I could contact Miikka if I ran into any roadblocks.

For any small business that deeply cares about their clients, and their company message - this service is invaluable. I know that it’s just the tip of the iceberg of the skills that Miikka has, and I know that we will continue to work with Miikka as our company grows. The audit has paid for itself many, many times over since I did it a few months ago. Thank you so much Miikka!
— Jen Reichert
Miikka is extremely diligent and an expert in his field. It truly was “turn key” and he implemented a very valuable system that has already seen an increase in sales. He is responsive, smart and really good with collaboration. I highly recommend working with him - your business will benefit!
— Sarah S.
“I just want to say I f***ing love these emails. I’m going to make a drip campaign like this for us. I just ordered our first set.”
— -Feedback from a customer of my client, reply to a welcome sequence email I wrote.
“Your marketing is borderline aggressive/genius. I run [business removed for privacy]. You have my $200...what’s your direct number?”
— Feedback from a customer of my client, reply to a welcome sequence email I wrote.

When you need someone who gets strategic marketing, ecommerce, technology & software and can also do grass roots level ninja operations, get in touch – click the button below right now so we can talk more about how to make your business grow, starting today.

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Check out this online summit I hosted recently – learn from 15+ marketing, storytelling and copywriting experts on how to generate more revenue with email —> save $30 with coupon EMAILWIN —> https://ecommerceemailmarketingsummit.com

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