Strategic & Ninja Email Marketing for Ecommerce Stores

"Miikka is a top gun at what he does, is a dream to work with, and has one of the most powerful mixes of skills."  
"I have never worked with someone who actually took as much pride and ownership in a project as Miikka has and look forward to hiring him again."  
"...I was already seeing financial results as the emails Miikka created started generating revenue."

Ah, email marketing. The secret sauce.

You're here because you know you should be building an email list, aka the Great Asset™, for your ecommerce business.

You have a great products that truly benefit your customers, and you know you need to start doing email smartly so you can build authority, earn the trust of your prospects and convert them into long-term customers & raving fans. But yet...

...each day you move the to-do list items over to a new page. And feel bad for the lost potential and revenue. Maybe you’re not even sure where to start.

You're in the right place. 

That's what I do all day, every day – I help remarkable ecommerce brands sell more and scale with email marketing automation, without increasing ad spend. I do this by combining deep customer segmentation, dynamic personalization and quiz funnels.

I've helped ecommerce brands grow their email revenue from 4% to 32% using automated and personalized follow-up sequences with storytelling. I've been a certified Klaviyo Partner since the very beginning the program was introduced, and worked with dozens of Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce and other merchants, in addition to running my own ecommerce and Amazon businesses.

What I can help you with:

✪ Audit your existing email marketing activities and marketing automation system, help you choose the right email service provider for your needs, and create a strategic plan to increase your email capture rate, open rates, conversions and generate repeat buyers, as well as to improve deliverability and maintain good list hygiene

✪ If you know Ezra Firestone's SmartMarketer eCommerce ecosystem, I can assist you with it all from video Facebook Ads and retargeting to email cross-sells and winback. (And if you're in ecommerce & don't know about it - you should. But don't worry, it's enough for us to get started that I do)

✪ Create automation email sequences, your “invisible selling engine” autoresponder / drip campaigns that nurture and nudge your subscribers towards the actions you want, while making your subscribers actually *want* to hear from you

✪ Perform a deep dive survey to learn hidden insights about your subscriber and customer base, and use those to Implement an Ask Method style self-segmenting quiz funnel to most effectively convert cold traffic into customers

✪ Use email creatively in all stages of the customer lifecycle and personalize content with expert copywriting

Now, I’ve done a lot of hiring myself and I know how difficult and stressful it is to try to find just the right stranger to do important work you need to get done (yesterday). It takes a lot of time you’d rather spend elsewhere, actually doing stuff.

That’s why I’m making this easy for you. If I don’t think that I can help get you exactly where you need to go, I will tell you. And when we do decide to work together, you'll always know in advance what the financial investment will be for my involvement as I charge fixed fees. I also provide 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Just click the "Contact me" button below and send me a message so we can talk more about how to make your business grow, starting today.