"How do I get started with email marketing, how do I build my email list? 
"Which email service provider should I use in MY situation?"
"How can I integrate an email service provider (like Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Drip, Aweber, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, Mailjet, Sendwithus, ConvertKit etc.) with our website or ecommerce store?"
"How can I get people to join my email list?"
"What kind of content should I send to my list?"
"How can I get people to open and read my emails?"
"Is it bad if people unsubscribe from my email list?"
"What kind of lead magnet should I create?"
"How can I get better email marketing results with less time used?"
"How can I automate my email marketing, lead nurturing drip campaigns and sales funnels?"
"How can I create an "invisible selling engine" with email marketing?"
"Where can I get a branded, mobile-responsive HTML newsletter template?"
"How can I make my email messages stand out in the recipients' inboxes?
"How can I avoid the most common (dumb) mistakes that hurt my email open rates and click rates?
"How often should I send emails to my subscribers?"
"How can I get my subscribers excited enough about my message to take the desired action? 
"How can I set up my automatic email sequences so that they nurture and nudge my subscribers towards the actions I want and into high-paying customers on autopilot?"
"Why isn’t my list growing?"
"How can/should I personalize my email messages?"
"How can I grow my sales and business with email marketing?"

"What are the next steps?"

This start package helps you to:

✔ Make sure you get going with email marketing the right way with fastest route to best results

✔ Grow your audience with the RIGHT people, grow your email list, and grow your customer base

✔ Actually increase your sales and build new revenue streams

✔ Avoid wasting your precious and most valuable resource i.e. time on guesswork, trial & error, and reinventing the wheel

✔ Have peace of mind for knowing you follow the best practices


We’ll start by you sending me details about your business and objectives, future plans & wishes.

We’ll then have a one hour workshop on Skype where I ask you more questions and we zero in on the details.

Then I will contribute my personal insight and experience towards this project, and identify the different directions that you can take to achieve your objectives.

The end result is an action & game plan that includes summary and recommendation for the next steps to amplify your email marketing success.

You are then free to put the plan into action yourself, with someone else, or we can agree that I’ll continue to work with you to help you make it reality.



Business Objectives

We'll go through, analyze and clarify:

✪ Your objectives and priorities for developing (or starting) your business and email marketing

✪ Where do you want/hope to take your business

✪ Your ideal target audience; who is it exactly that you want to reach (= deal with daily)

✪ What are the key metrics to track


Email Marketing Infra

✪ Choosing the right email service provider (ESP) for your situation and purposes

✪ How to setup your account the right way

✪ How the integration with your website should be done

✪ (If applicable) How to migrate from an old ESP or other legacy solution


Email Marketing Action Plan

✪ How to incentivize people to subscribe

✪ What kind of high-converting lead magnet to create for a compelling reason for the right audience to sign up

✪ Choosing the right look and feel for your messages

✪ Choosing/clarifying your unique “voice” for communicating with your subscribers

✪ How to engage new subscribers to learn about their needs, wants and problems

✪ What kind of content to send to your subscribers that gets them to open your emails and anticipate the next one

✪ What is the best 5-message automatic indoctrination email sequence for your new subscribers

✪ Dos and don'ts for sending emails

✪ How to track the subscriber interaction with the messages + on your website

✪ How to build your business using email marketing



Your investment for this package is USD 1500 (+ if applicable, VAT for EU residents) The fee must be paid in full on acceptance to schedule the project. We will discuss availability directly. This pricing is subject to change without notice so if you're interested, don't wait – hit the below button to contact me now.


My work is guaranteed and comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee. I choose my projects very carefully, and I genuinely want to help my clients succeed, grow and get a great ROI on their investment.

If you are building something great, hit the below button to send me a note!