Klaviyo is one of the best choices for your ecommerce email marketing service provider. Especially if you are using an ecommerce platform for which they have 1-click integration package, like Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento.

I've been using Klaviyo a lot for lots of different ecommerce stores and know it pretty much inside out. I'm also part of the exclusive invitation-only Klaviyo Partner program. 

(Don't have a Klaviyo account yet? You can create a free account here to get your feet wet.)

Here's an example of a pre-purchase welcome nurturing sequence in action.

Click the image and start from the bottom – you'll see how a new email subscriber is finally converted after an initial abandoned cart event by capturing the email address via a website popup and following up with a welcome nurturing sequence and a targeted special offer. 

(And by the way, I recommend using Justuno to create your popups.)


“The ‘New Customer Thank You’ is brilliant! I feel like you really get our brand and sincerely appreciate your help with copywriting. I love how you are able to pull it from other areas and tie it all together so nicely.”
- Garret A.

Below are my two packages for Klaviyo ecommerce email marketing setup (we can discuss about customized approaches as well depending on your needs):



I can setup flows and triggers in Klaviyo while you provide the content, or I can do copywriting for some or all of the messages as well.


Get your email automation engine implemented following the leading best practices – once set up, this is your sales engine running for days, months and years.

Your tireless email sales engine

Your tireless email sales engine

I always start by going through the Google and Facebook analytics/tracking code placements and making sure they are correctly set up (quite often there are script copy-paste errors and other misconfigurations, multiple tags etc.). Having accurate data is the starting point for all marketing actions.

-    Make sure your store is properly integrated with Klaviyo
-    Make sure all your store email integrations go to Klaviyo (and into the right list)
-    Modify all templates to look awesome & match your branding
-    Style the update email preferences pages and forms to match your branding
-    Move to single opt-in without email confirmation if preferred

-    Clarify the brand voice for emails
-    Identify design needs (Graphics design using your existing images and brand assets is included)
-    Create detailed customer segments for subscribers&buyers
-    Set up everything to get ready for sending recurring newsletters including checklist process
-    You'll get an email strategy spreadsheet for keeping track of all messages, timings, content and coupons, as well a yearly calendar for planning campaigns around and templates for tracking your broadcast campaign KPIs. 

-     I'll also make sure your review emails (which might come from another tool like Yotpo) are in sync with the Klaviyo sequences

The entry point to your email engine/funnel - designed popup window that's displayed to your visitors to entice them to sign up, building your subscriber base and nurturing them until they order and become a customer. This connects to the Newsletter Welcome Sequence.

Automatically sent when someone signs up to the email list (but haven't purchased):
-    Instant welcome email (incl. a possible signup offer), ask to follow on social media
-    Introduction to the story/values of the brand (creating intimacy in a compelling way)
-    Content related to the problem the product(s)/service(s) solve
-    Introduction to main product(s) emphasizing quality & design
-    Special Offer
-    Special Offer Expiring

Triggered after the customer completes checkout:
-     New customers only: brand story introduction
-     Pre-arrival excitement
-     Ask for feedback or product review
-     Ask for selfie (or other type of social proof)
-     Cross-sell offer

-     "Personal touch"
-     Cart reminder
-     Cart reminder II
-     Flash Sale (option for different discounts for high & low-value carts)

3 reminder/special offer emails for previous buyers to return.


Even more comprehensive and future-proof automation system that helps you create a deeper connection and sell more! Get all the best practices and some special ninja tactics in place to boost your growth and community. I'll design the perfect sequences for your business & brand.

Personal Repeat customer thank you note and other very powerful additional messages like Net Promoter Score survey (fully integrated with Klaviyo), video review request, cross sell offers with expiration reminder in the Post-Purchase flow, automated winback emails over longer period of time including a "flash sale" and longer brand induction/intimacy series.

A multi-day sequence that branches, taking into account the cart value so that we can add a couple of special tricks for high-value carts to add extra incentive to return and place the order.

You can send order receipts also via Klaviyo, so that the recipient gets the line item breakdown with images, list of discounts, taxes and other items – AND we can include a coupon code for the next order, and even "You might also like..." product recommendation block in the same email. (There are other Shopify apps that offer this like Conversio (prev. Receiptful) – but you can do this with Klaviyo directly, no need to pay for & setup additional services!)

If your Shopify order notifications emails are not already stylishly branded or mobile compatible, let's match their look&feel with the Klaviyo marketing emails. Also I'll review that esp. the order confirmation email includes answers to most common support questions.

Add also exit intent popup displayed if the visitor is about to leave. Show e.g. a % discount as incentive. Could also do a cart abandonment popup which triggers with a special message if a customer with something in the cart tries to leave.

Set up follow-up/offer sequence if an existing subscriber browsed a product multiple times but didn't buy.

Auditing, copywriting and coordinating emails sent by an external product review tool such as Yotpo to maximize your chances of getting brilliant customer reviews that help you boost sales.

Set up Klaviyo product feeds for all main product categories so that those can be used in automated and campaign emails to automatically pull trending and best-selling products from your store (excluding the ones the customer has bought already). 

There's typically no need to keep your previous account like MailChimp (and trying to keep unsubscribe data in sync is difficult) so the subscribers should be all imported to Klaviyo. If needed, I can manage the migration of customer data for you. I'll need to review your setup first to determine if there's any extensive custom work needed for the transfer.

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Q:  Will you be applying graphic design to all elements including the Welcome Popup, etc. (and also writing effective, well converting copy for these items)?

A: I do graphic design for email templates and popups using existing brand logos & images. I highly recommend and use modern simplistic email style where the main focus is on engaging and well-converting message. One message, one objective.

Q: Seems like a lot of emails, is the same person going to receive all of them? 

A: The flows (sequences) are trigger-based (we'll get into specifics when starting to work together). In some flows, everyone goes through the flow, but some of the emails may be only sent once (like brand "induction" messages), while some are sent every time or periodically (like review/feedback requests and cross-sell offers). From some sequences people are pulled out if they take a specific action (and entered into another flow). It's possible to add also other conditions of course.

Q: How about the order confirmation, shipping update etc. emails that Shopify sends, are those modified as well?

A: The "transactional" emails i.e. order&shipping status emails come directly from Shopify so they're separate from these emails coming from Klaviyo. As part of the Advanced package I can also update the Shopify templates so that they have the same brand look&feel as the Klaviyo emails, and make sure they include answers to the most frequent questions.

Q: Is some sort of testing included? Want to do whatever possible to ensure we don’t have surprises later upon launch.

A: The setup is rather bullet-proof, but I won't leave anyone on their own, so I will help oversee that everything is working as intended when the launch happens. Should any fixes be needed they are included, I do stand behind the work in this way also.

Q: Would you be using Klaviyo's built-in popup or another app?

A: Klaviyo's own popup can be used as a welcome popup – it's quick & comes without additional cost, but the limitations include, among others, that it has no exit-intent trigger, no A/B testing capabilities, and using multiple versions for different uses cases is somewhat inconvenient. It works ok for a welcome popup though and can be set to appear only after x number of pageviews, after x seconds, only on certain pages and excluded on certain pages etc.. If/when you have or start to drive more traffic to the site I recommend Justuno as they have the most flexible features and triggers, and it's possible to e.g. do a custom special offer exit intent popup for those who have added something to cart but are about to leave the site ("abandoned cart popup").

“Wow! Very seldom do I work with someone who has the full package of skills - from strategy, to implementation, and even training the client. Miikka is great and I would highly recommend him to anyone!”
— Allan P.
“Thanks Miikka, you’re an all star man!”
— Adam L.
Miikka did an outstanding job!

I had very high expectations for Miikka’s work but the final results exceeded my expectations.

Miikka set up newsletter, post and pre-purchase email flows, product reviews and pop-up marketing on our site. He also fixed any minor issues that needed to be fixed and established opportunities as he browsed the different platforms we work with.

He went above and beyond to understand me, the product and our market and created superb email flows to address every need the business has. The emails displayed that Miikka didn’t just brush off on our site’s content but spent a lot of energy and time on exploring all of the available materials, videos, and content.
Before we had even signed off the project, I was already seeing financial results as the emails Miikka created started to generating revenue.

I cannot recommend Miikka highly enough!

I work with a number of contractors to meet the needs of my business but I had never experienced so much professionalism, dedication and commitment.

Thank you! I am looking forward to working together again.

-Vili P.

If the email marketing of your ecommerce business is not properly set up and you need professional help to put a stop to all the missed revenue opportunities and to start growing, hit the contact button below!

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